Professional Broadcast Graphics

A powerful, flexible and very easy to use broadcast graphics application. It is template driven, provides 3D graphics on one or two output channels and in real time. It is a proven solution that has been in use since 2009 for many broadcasts and in many countries. It is a CG that is being developed by people who provide CG for the broadcast industry every day, so you know it has to be capable.


Sports Graphics Solution

Nemo 3D's suite of applications and APIs give broadcast professionals the tools to create network quality graphics.
  • Works in SD, HD, and 4K
  • Supports SDI and NDI
  • Excel and Database Support
  • RSS Tickers
  • Scoreboard and Sportzcast integration
  • Available as Software or Turnkey


True 3D Virtual Sets

  • Built in Chroma Keyer
  • 5 Included Virtual Sets from Virtualsetworks
  • Supports SDI and NDI
  • Available as Software or Turnkey
  • Tracking Camera Moves
  • Graphics ability included


Weather Reporting Solution

  • Built in Chroma Keyer
  • Included Weather Templates
  • Support for RSS Tickers


Coding, Graphics, and Support Services

  • Design Solutions for Broadcast Graphics
  • Custom Graphics Templates tailored to your needs
  • Training and Support packages


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